Full Moon Healing Stones & Wearable Art - Healing Stones and Wearable Art
Wearable Art
The more awake and aware we become the more the colors of nature and her palette expand...  A kaliedescope of color every where I turn....especially in my creation studio, the recycled fabric volcano is getting ready to blow!!  There's an entire new 2017 frock explosion that's just waiting to get online.  All one of a kind, repurposed, reconstructed, upcycled and made with bunches of love and smiles.  The process of hunting down great fabrics, colors, and designs and being able to recreate a piece of fun and expression is what makes me smile.  I hope you find something here that will bring a smile to you as well.  

Along with the cozy winter feel of cashmere , alpaca, and merino in hand warmers and scarves....leg warmers, boot toppers and yoga footings have been added to this winters collection.